Unique Colored Coral Jewelry

Found in clear still waters, coral is hidden in deep water between twenty-five to one thousand feet depth. The quality and concentration of the coral color enhances according to the depth. Though coral is an extremely sensitive material, it is still possible to replicate it. Rose-colored of the finest quality is discovered in the famous waters of the Bay of Biscay to Madeira, Red Sea, Southern Ireland, Mauritius, in the Cape and Canaries de Verde Island, in the Mediterranean, Archipelago as well as in Japanese waters.

Corals are very sensitive and delicate gems that should be kept for special occasions only. Used widely in jewelry today, coral jewelry should be taken proper care of. While rose-colored is really soft as compared to other gems, coral necklaces and flaming earrings should be stored carefully to save it from scratches. Also, flaming jewelry should not come in contact with chemicals as they are also porous.

Precious and unique flaming earrings and necklaces are used as the oldest gemstone jewelry with old and classic pieces stored in museums. Later, it predates used pearls to keep the trend of marine jewelry alive. Coral jewelry is colorful as it is available in various colors and designs. The following are some dramatic and exotic shades of coral.

Red Coral

Coral in red color is classic, and therefore, quite expensive. When compared to other colors, red coral is highly treasured and is highly demanded around the world because of its attractiveness, solidity and positive hue. Discovered from the sandy bed of Gulf of Naples and Mediterranean, red flaming jewelry is bright and stunning.

Noble or Precious Red Coral

This particular red coral is also known as Corallium Rubrum or Corallium Nobile. This precious coral is found in Sardinia and Sicily, the Mediterranean, as well as in Algeria, Tunis and Morocco.

Black Coral

When it comes to shaping and carving, black coral is the best type. In fact, it is easier to bend and shape this particular coral when warmed. The black color is considered the result of decomposing result, as this color actually exists beneath the accessible surface.

Blue Coral

A very lively color for flaming earrings and necklaces, blue coral is also known as Allopora Subviolacea and Akori. This remarkable rose-colored discovery was made off the Cameroon coastline.

Golden Coral

This extremely desirable rose-colored was made available when it was discovered off the Maui coastline in Hawaii. This specific flaming has a glossy surface and is resinous.